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Post by Takumi Yoshino on Wed May 18, 2016 2:32 pm

[*]Backseat Moderation

  1. This is when a regular forum member takes it upon themselves to moderate and control parts of the forum without the authorization to do so. Backseat moderation is correcting the offending forum member by telling them they have broken a rule.

    While it is appreciative that a forum member is trying to help out with the site friendliness, it is more annoying than not. Mini-modding is almost always off-topic and not as constructive as the user believes, as well as considered to be spam.

    If you'd like to warn a fellow user without informing a staff member, contact them via PM or otherwise not in public view.

    However, if you feel a post neglects one of the site rules, simply report it and staff will take care of it.


  1. The practical application of good manners or etiquette, demonstrated in speaking kindly and respectably to other members.

    Do not swear at or otherwise belittle or degrade another member that is being spoken to. This includes threats to another person (i.e death threats), ranting, baiting, flaming, bashing, et cetera.

    In the event that offsite harassment or drama is occurring, staff will only be involved if the following happen: sites/blogs created to bash the site, offsite issues brought onsite, offsite harassment between two members onsite. Note that any report of offsite harassment should be provided with evidence or staff will not look into it.

[*]Site Rating

  1. Under the MPAA film rating, PG-13 is, "some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers."

    Depictions of violence are all right in that it is not intense or too detailed that it triggers or otherwise scars a younger member. Remember, we do not know a person's past, so if they are triggered by said material with no warning in advance, it is the poster's responsibility for not tagging the thread.

    Language is perfectly fine; a member may swear all they want, so long as the words are not directed at another member. Allusion to sexual innuendos or otherwise is perfectly fine, as long as it is not blatant or breaks Forumotion's ToS.

    Substance abuse or depictions of drugs is allowed.

    Nudity is entirely fine as long as it does not go into details of either sex's genitalia or anything that leads into sexual content. As a note, all sexual content is an offense of the site rules and considered a bannable offense if found out.

    If you want to rp sexual content, simply fade in and fade out, do not go into detail of what is happening.


  1. Theft is the illegal taking of another person's property without the person's freely-given consent. You may recognize this as plagiarism.

    Under U.S. law, plagiarism is illegal if it infringes on the author's intellectual property rights, which includes trademarking and copyrighting. It is possible for you to be used by the author of the plagiarized material in federal court. As a result, you may be forced to pay the author the amount in which s/he lost over the plagiarized material.

    As such, FTLRPG will not condone plagiarism on its site. If you or someone you know is plagiarism material, please stop immediately. Should the plagiarized material not be changed at the original creator's wishes, staff will step in and you will be warned or banned for continuous offense.

[*]Player Permissions

  1. All characters are owned by their respective creators; as such, you, as a player, are not given free permission to play another person's character. If you so wish to have something done to a player's character that would be considered powerplaying or godmodding, please get the consent of the other player. Use of another person's character without their consent will not be tolerated on the site and will be reprimanded as seen fit.

    If you see another player on the site using a character that is not their own, please immediately report them and staff will handle the issue.

    Continuous offense will result in a banning.


  1. As the Moon Mirror is not a realistic representation of anything, instances of realism being used to argue points of the site will not be taken into consideration. Arguing that something happens irl does not mean that it happens in the site's universe and should not be assumed so.

    Of course, be realistic with your reasoning of things happening to your character. If your character is injured, do not godmod so much that your character is invincible when fighting against others. Should a strike hit your character, then the strike will hit and you cannot negate its happening unless with a plausible reason. This is to prevent major godmodding.

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